Thursday, 3 September 2009

The truth from a traffic exchanger

Recently a traffic exchange blog asked their users if they built lists. I find this answer enlightening as it seems to hit a nerve.
Wow another post cool, I do have a list 450 on my list,but not one is a buyer,so i have not made any thing from them,My downline at Maxtrafficpro is where i make some money about 15.00 every 2-3 months,and that is after 4 years of work and over 800.00 in fees from traffic exchanges,why am i telling you this,people think if they build a list/downline that they will make money,but that is not true some might,but most will not,you are going to spend more than you make."
Now if you look at this reponse it paints a very different picture:
"I have a list of about 12k people that I’ve built up over the course of 4 years of hard marketing. I’ve made a ton from my list however the key again just isn’t building one its knowing how to treat it and maintain it."
I think the real message to take away from this is that yes you can earn money from traffic exchanges but it takes a lot of time and a lot of work.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

So getting traffic is that easy?

"But! I can skip surfing other people's sites and just buy impressions, forcing people to look at my stuff without having to share or read anything. Sweet! By payng a fee, I can guarantee that 3,000 readers are going to visit the main page of my web site. I can also surf other people's sites and add even more visitors to my site. This sounds fair and cool, and maybe it could even be a way to pick up some new blogs to read." I took this quote from a forum on traffic exchanges and I fear that the author is rejoicing a little prematurely. It always comes back to the same issue and as yet I have not received any convincing answer. How can a traffic exchange ensure that my site receives targeted traffic?
In my view - and I have thought about it - it can't. Those who surf traffic exchanges will only have as clients those who spend there time surfing on traffic exchanges. It is that logical, who else?

Monday, 31 August 2009

Thanks pjaybee

In response to my post yesterday on the topic of Traffic Exchanges pjaybee responsed:
"Hi,  new traffic exchanges are springing up all the time, unfortunately most don't last the distance. The Big owners have the dominance in this game.
Personally I surf more of the smaller exchanges as the surf ratio tends to be a lot better.
I do agree with you that a lot of the owners could do more for their members, to be a success you need happy customers."
Thanks pjaybee for your comment and I do agree that owners in many cases could do more for their TE clients. It is also good to know that the smaller exchanges tend to give better surf ratios. Obviously in what is a very competitive market they need to attract customers. I, like pjaybee, have also noticed that the whole traffic exchange issue seems to be divided among a few big players (whom I shall not mention). These are the people who have the power and the credibility and the numbers to market new exchanges and to succeed. If that is good or bad is another issue.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Want to own a traffic exchange? - a few tips

Traffic exchanges at the minute seem to go from one extreme to the other. Either you are bombarded by follow up emails offering products after signing up or you are ignored. I believe in fact that the good and profitable TE's are those that are follow-up their signups.
Let me just give you one example of what I find extremely frustrating and which gives a very bad impression of a Traffic Exchange. I recently signed up and when I added the websites I wanted rotated, I had to wait for their approval by the webmaster. When signing up I had already upgraded to purchase credits as I simply do not have the time to spend in sitting for hours with the mind-bending task of surfing other sites, Well I waited, waited and waited and even after one week my sites had not been approved. This to me is an immediate sign of a webmaster of traffic exchange owner who has lost interest in what he or she started. It immediately gives me a negative impression of that traffic exchange. That is simply the way things work on the Internet, it is fast, here today gone tomorrow.
Do you haev similar experiences to mine with TE's that are so slllllllllllllloooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww to respond? Leave a comment and let me know.