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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

So getting traffic is that easy?

"But! I can skip surfing other people's sites and just buy impressions, forcing people to look at my stuff without having to share or read anything. Sweet! By payng a fee, I can guarantee that 3,000 readers are going to visit the main page of my web site. I can also surf other people's sites and add even more visitors to my site. This sounds fair and cool, and maybe it could even be a way to pick up some new blogs to read." I took this quote from a forum on traffic exchanges and I fear that the author is rejoicing a little prematurely. It always comes back to the same issue and as yet I have not received any convincing answer. How can a traffic exchange ensure that my site receives targeted traffic?
In my view - and I have thought about it - it can't. Those who surf traffic exchanges will only have as clients those who spend there time surfing on traffic exchanges. It is that logical, who else?


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