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Monday, 31 August 2009

Thanks pjaybee

In response to my post yesterday on the topic of Traffic Exchanges pjaybee responsed:
"Hi,  new traffic exchanges are springing up all the time, unfortunately most don't last the distance. The Big owners have the dominance in this game.
Personally I surf more of the smaller exchanges as the surf ratio tends to be a lot better.
I do agree with you that a lot of the owners could do more for their members, to be a success you need happy customers."
Thanks pjaybee for your comment and I do agree that owners in many cases could do more for their TE clients. It is also good to know that the smaller exchanges tend to give better surf ratios. Obviously in what is a very competitive market they need to attract customers. I, like pjaybee, have also noticed that the whole traffic exchange issue seems to be divided among a few big players (whom I shall not mention). These are the people who have the power and the credibility and the numbers to market new exchanges and to succeed. If that is good or bad is another issue.

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