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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Are all traffic exchanges the same?

If, by that you mean, do all traffic exchanges help you create exposure for your website, then the answer is YES.

But, anyone experienced in traffic exchanges will be careful to tell you to be careful which exchanges you chose. You will soon discover that traffic exchanges are extremely competitive with each other - obviously the more surfers, the more activity and the more money spent on buying those credits, the better for them.

Before deciding on a traffic exchange, there are a number of things you should take into consideration.

1. How many members does the exchange have? That you will find somewhere on their site as they are all very anxiously to claim they are gowing faster than their competitors. In simple terms I have seen smaller and newer traffic exchanges which - if you look carefully - states: "There are currently two people surfing". You can imagine that such exhcanges will never provide visibility or anything compared to the big guys where you have currently 746 people surfing.

2. What is the credit ratio for surfing? By that I mean how many pages do YOU have to surf to get rewarded one credit as a basic member. This varies greatly but plays a major role if you have to do all the manual surfing and do not buy credits.

3. In addition to selling credits traffic exchanges also offer you the chance to upgrade to a higher status. This has a number of benefits but I would avoid this as a newbie until I am convinced that that exchange is bringing results.

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