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Saturday, 25 April 2009

So that is why traffic exchanges exist?

if I were cynical - traffic exchnges are there for the owners of the exchanges to make money from you. How can they do this when I just said Traffic exchanges were free of charge?
Answer - Yes, they are free of charge but this gives you what sites would call a "basic membership". That means you get the bare essential without the bells and whistles. To actually surf for credits on traffic exchanges can take up a lot of time every day (a few hours) in order to accumulate the credits you need to show your websites.

All traffic exchanges differ in the way they reward you for surfing but there are some where you have to surf three other pages (and the page has a timer of 15 seconds) in order to gain one credit. As it is easy to use up 100 credits a day no problem, simple mathematics means that you would have to surf 300 pages for 100 credits. If each page has a timer of 15 seconds then you can easily spend up to 2 hours to accumulate those precious 100 credits.

So, to make things easier, traffic exchanges let you buy credits in packages of various sizes. Let us say a package of 1000 credits at a certain traffic exchange costs $3.97, then instead of surfing for those 1000 credits - which would probably take up most of your day, you buy them (usually through Payal or Alertpay). That is how exchanges make their money.

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