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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Splash Pages, Banners and Text Ads on Traffiic Exchanges - their relative value

Even the newest visitor to traffic exchanges will quickly note that almost all Traffic Exchanges offer three means of advertising your website or product. Until now I have only mentioned one - your web page.

In addition Traffic Exchanges also offer the possibility to place both banner and text ads. These you will usually find at the top or bottom of the screen. Interestingly enough you will also find that the price for both banner and text ads are minimal in contrast to the one credit for a view of your webpage, Indeed many Traffic Exchanges even offer you the possibility of turning credits into impresisons for your banners or your text ads. One credit can buy 20 even 30 or more banner impressions and even more impressions of your text ads.

There is a simple answer to this. In my own experience both banner impressions and text ads have a dismal conversion or click through rate and are scarcely worth the trouble. Others maintain, however, that advertising is advertising so use it if it is free. Equally true, but if you think about the psychology of the person surfing a traffic exchange, they are there to gain credits by surfing and really will not waste time on clicking on (usually) very bland and unimaginative banners and text ads. My advice - concentrate on the webpage or splash page. In my next posting I will explain what a splash page is and where you can find them AND why they are so popular.

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