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Sunday, 5 July 2009

A comment left on the blog - and a good one!

What about links on forums, it shouldn't be bad idea to get traffic from any web. Not sure if all things you say are true.
Firstly, let us be absolutely clear what we are talking about - a forum is a group of people sharing information, opinions, pictures, whatever on a website which is password protected. Traffic exchanges - well you would not be reading this if you did not know what they were.

Participation in forums is a legitimate way of getting an inbound link and traffic to your website. But be careful and do not make the mistake that many are silly enough to post their web address with their comments on any forum - by that I mean forums that are not relevant to their particular subject. Even on this blog a lot of comments are simply links to websites that have nothing to do with this topic. I leave them because these people are just wasting their time. Google, for example, checks for relevance and I believe actually punishes such spammers.

So, Yes, post to forums - but only to forums that are relevant to the topic of your website.

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