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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Maybe I am just plain stupid but ....

Very often when I see traffic exchanges advertise they frequently state this is an excellent means of getting trageted traffic to your website. I understand that it is a means of getting traffic to my website but can someone explain to me how and in what way this traffic is trageted? The visitors are surfers of traffic exchanges so I woudl call them a target group if I was trying to get visitors to a new traffic exchange. However, if I want traffic to my blog on holidays in Ireland or moving to Greece is this my target group?

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Jerry Reeder said...

Hello James,

Some people will try and tell you all you have to is select the proper category and you will get targeted traffic to your blogs.

Don't listen to them.

Basically, Traffic Exchanges are great places to build lists of new marketers wanting to run their own online business.

You can even find people wanting to learn how to make money by blogging like one of my friend's does.

Another mistake people make with traffic exchanges is advertising other traffic exchanges. That too is waste of time because advertising any affiliate link in a traffic exchange is the biggest reason why most people don't make a dime.

With kind regards,
Jerry Reeder