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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Some more info on the discussion on traffic exchanges and using g00gle Adsense

A number of posts ago I raised the topic if google Adsense will ban you for using traffic exchanges to promote their website. This is what I found on their adsense blog.

We occasionally receive questions from publishers interested in using traffic exchanges to bring traffic to their site. While these services may help advertise your site, we don't recommend using them, as they may also result in similar invalid activity. We realize that you may have questions about a specific traffic service and whether it could potentially create invalid impressions or clicks. However, please understand that we're unable to comment on any particular third-party service.

Well, I sure love clarity and these statements are about as helpful as this road sign. The answer is basically a non-answer and when I think about it invalid. Using a traffic exchanges in no way induces people to click on Adsense ads. Or am I wrong? Secondly their following sentence basically says do not ask about individual cases as we won't answer. Thanks for that G00GLE.

Basically, the message I take is - if we (g00gle - that is - feel you get too many clickthrus using a TE you're banned? Comments are more than welcome.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I have wondered about this since Hits4U says that it is a violation at Adsense.

In a way I can see Google's point- you get some credit for traffic, but if you can't advertise your web page that's a pretty restrictive way to do business.

Good topic!

swmand4 said...

I once had an AdSense account years ago. When it was time for them to send payment, they immediately banned my account. When I tried to figure out why all they would tell me is that my account was "related to another account that had been banned for invalid click activity". What other account this was I have no idea.