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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Traffic exchanges and Adsense - making money?

Elizabeth just commented on an earlier post I had on using Adsense and traffic exchanges. She writes:
I agree about traffic exchange, it's not only that with the viruses (I use linux so they don't work), but if you want to earn money with google adsense using traffic exchange isn't going to work. I had 10,000+ visitors to my site but I only earned 0.02.
Thank you for your comment Elizabeth and what I take from it is that Traffic Exchange traffic is simply not a trageted audience so they will not be interested either in your site content or your ads. Making 0.02 cents on 10 000 plus visitors is hardly what anyone could call a good conversion rate.
Motto for me is that to get good Adsense conversions you have to work really hard to get your site noticed on the big search engines - and that we all know is easlier said than done.

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