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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Imagine you had a birthday party and nobody came?

Many many people fall prey to the idea of simply setting up a website. This is mistakenly seen by them as the end and not the beginning of a journey. Unlike other media, the Internet is dynamic and this is what few seem to understand. Your site cannot be a static element in a dynamic whole. if we consider how how the Internet has evolved in five years, the thought of setting up a site and leaving it to catch visitors as a sort of fait accompli is simply ridiculous. This, I believe, is the largest mistake among site owners today and one which is likely to persist for some considerable time.
This is simply a mistaken mindset. If I advertise in printed media I don't have to change it every 5 weeks, same for a television advert. So why shoudl I have to do so just because I am using the Internet as a marketing tool. Again the answer is simple, you are working in a dynamic medium, one that is constantly changing.
Who had heard of social networking 24 months ago? Who had heard of twitter 18 months ago? No one I believe.
Hence, figuratively speaking, why today are so many people still organising birthday parties (web sites) and then getting disappointed that no one comes?

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