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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Who can help me - what is autosurf? and why?

To date we have looked only at manual traffic exchanges, by that I mean traffic exchanges where you receive credits for the number of other sites you surf. This is usually on a one to one or one to two ratio. My question is: what is the point of autosurf traffic exchanges. As I understand the issue - correct me if I am wrong - an autosurf traffic exchange is one where automatically you see a new site every so many second without having to physically click after a certain number of seconds?
My question is why would someone want to do this? It means virtually your site is rotating but basically although being visited no one actually looks at it.
Maybe I am stupid but I cannot understand why someone would want to do this. Sure it is also a means of getting traffic but if no one looks at the content of your site what is the point of this traffic. G00gle will realise where the traffic is coming from and will not reward you in terms of improving your page ranking. So I come back to the same point, what is the use of auto surf exchanges? Answers very welcome!

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