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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A millionaire overnight - and we still believe it?

Why as reasonably intelligent beings do many of us still fall for the soft sell of the promise of buying something on the Internet and start earning a five figure salary overnight. It does not happen in the real economy, does it? So why do so many of us still swallow this hype in our inboxes and, in addition, since it is a limited special offer, it is best to buy immediately to secure our position.
I mean, let's face it. If some guy were earning a 5 figure sum, he's going to show me how to do it for $47 just because I am a nice guy.
As a serious internet user, I believe we are prey to falling victim to too much extremely well written hype. But all things said and done, why then do they need to show us their testimonials, why do they show us copies of their paypal or clickbank accounts. Answer, they want to sell or, saying it another way, they want me to buy. And I have done a lot of this in the past. It is all - without exception - a lot of money-grabbing crap that I fell for.
Let us get a grip on ourselves and start deleting our membership to these guys and deleting our subscriptions to their convincing scam newsletters. They ar enot going to make us any richer, for sure. Always just ask yourself one question, why am I being offered this? Why does someone promise me a fortune in weekly income, and not just do it himself and stop dragging as many customers as he can like me into a $47 dollar sale......and another disappointment?

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