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Monday, 17 August 2009

Traffic exchanges a waste of time - No way!

If one takes as a point of departure that traffic exchanges are not a viable means of getting trgeted traffic to your site but are a means of building a list of emails of possible clients for your service or your product then I believe that you are on the right lines. This is a means which does work for traffic exchanges and of course the better your splash page, the more traffic exchanges you are visible on, the greater exposure you will have and the greater the number of emails you will collect over time.
What I have seen as a result of traffic exchanges is that some of them use the emails really aggressively to bombard you every day with "exciting new offers". This I find overdone and ultimately inflationary with the result that I personally see such emails psychologically as spam and pay no attention to them.
I believe th proper way to open doors is to do so carefully in terms of sending non-commercial, serious emails to your sign-ups and definitely not on a daily basis.

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