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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Either dominate a Traffic Exchange or be dominated!

I just came across a very interesting article on the future of traffic exchanges authored by John Guanzon and Jennifer Herold, definitely no newbies to traffic exchanges.

When looking at the tactics for branding ourself on an exchange, they ask the following (and I quote them) Further, how much time do you have to spend daily on important traffic exchange
dominance tactics such as the following:
• Forum posting and relationship building with key owners
• Account management across multiple traffic exchanges
• Tracking and testing of pages/sales/signups
• And, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking and clicking some more

Secondly they usefully identify the vast majority of traffic exchange surfers, putting them into five categories:

• People interested in how to get traffic to their website
• People interested in how to build their list of opt in subscribers
• People interested in home business opportunities
• People interested in webmaster/website related services
• People who are complete online newbies who are looking for a guiding light.

On that basis and before I continue, I have one all important question you have to ask yourself. Are any of the five groups the target traffic you are looking for?


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