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Thursday, 28 May 2009

What is traffichoopla all about?

Basically, traffichoopla is a website which aims to help you get free web traffic. It has over 68 000 members and the traffic exchange surfer uses its facilities, for example, to store his login's for the traffic exchanges he or she surfs. It is like a central storage space and point of departure when you start your surfing and keeps you organised.
All traffic exchanges love traffichoopla because it rates on a weekly basis the top 20 exchanges and as I said in an earlier mail competition at the top is fierce. Naturally the TE surfer is always anxious to know which are the best exchanges to surf so to this extent is a very useful source of information.
The website also has its own affiliate programm so you will often see splash pages on traffic exchanges as surfers try to refer other surfers to reap the rewards. Traffichoopla is a useful tool, membership is free.

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pretty informative post. thanks.