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Friday, 29 May 2009

A word of warning - viruses

What I write is not directed against any particular traffic exchange nor is it meant to deter the would-be traffic exchange surfer. I quote from a forum at whydowork.com.
" Hi:

I hate to have to do this but traffic exchanges can't be trusted anymore. It isn't because of the exchanges themselves are crooked. How can they be when they're free? The problem is that many users who are putting up sites on these exchanges are putting up sites with lethal tojans and other viruses. Because exchanges get so many submissions they just can't keep up with a site after it is approved. Once that is done, the owner of the site puts the trojan in place and unless you have a firewall installed with security, you won't even know it.

People, this is really scary stuff. I kid you not. "

I think that the author "swagan" is absolutely right that it is not the fault of the owner but the sheer amount of manual working checking all pages frequently for viruses.

And it is really scary stuff. A friend of mine in the web design business got the latest trojan on his server 2 weeks ago - not from a traffic exchange. These new generations of viruses are really frightening in that they mutate while on your server. My friend is really stuck. He talked to a network security guy and named the virus. What would it cost to get rid of it? Anywhere between one hour and one month and I charge Euro 120 ($150) per hour was the response!

Even worse my friend had all the necessary software to detect a virus attack - it did not find it!


Elizabeth said...

I agree about traffic exchange, it's not only that with the viruses (I use linux so they don't work), but if you want to earn money with google adsense using traffic exchange isn't going to work. I had 10,000+ visitors to my site but I only earned 0.02.

After changing my way of getting traffic, I earned $20.00 in less then a week, and my eCPM went up

Tellie said...

I've been semi-involved with different traffic exchanges. And I've come across a couple of sites that are iffy. I'm almost certain they have a virus of some sort. They are both on entrecard so I can determine whether or not I click on the sites (and of course I choose not to). I also came across one on blogexpolosion (which is how i found this one) and one site opened a billion tabs in IE and then caused IE to use up 1GB of Ram I had to terminate the program to get things smooth sailing again. Luckily I'm on a public computer and not my own :D