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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Important news - the first ever Hit Exchange Newsletter

John Olson, with years of hard-won experience in the traffic exchange industry has just launched the first ever Hit Exchange Newsletter.

I joined up and read it and believe me what he says makes sense.

Let me take just one extract which ties up with what I said in an earlier post:

Here's your first golden nugget for your campaigns in the traffic exchanges and something that 93% of the surfers in these programs will not do...Ready?

Stop promoting in the traffic exchanges right now!

Do not click another link until you read this e-mail because it could very well turn your exchange promotions around for good. No
hype, no fluff, no B.S. The following information has proven so effective, that it has turned my life around from flipping pizzas for a living to earning a steady and ever growing income using one kind of promotion and one only, traffic exchange advertising!

Now let me shock you with the following statement because I think it is vital for anything you plan to do with exchanges, you must know this first...

People do not care about what you are promoting to them!

While this may be obvious to some, 93% of the web sites I continue to see in the exchanges do not follow that simple fact. They are
trying to sell you! The ad copy has been developed so that some 'guru' could justify spending thousands of web copy that honestly has absolutely no place in the exchanges.

He continues:
You have to know your audience. The typical exchange surfer is just like you, and in no other form of advertising can you almost
guarantee that the person you are trying to sell to thinks like you, wants to promote like you and is trying very hard to get their message across, just like you. Yes, you are advertising to an advertiser. Should this scare you away?

Absolutely not!

The trick is to KNOW that this person does not care about what you are selling them. So don't try to sell them! You want to offer them
something different from what they see in 93% of the web sites out there. You have to adopt and use splash page advertising.

I will try and find how you can join his newsletter if you are interested and get back to you as soon as possible.

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