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Sunday, 17 May 2009

A little off topic but do not be scammed by Vinefire

Perhaps a little off topic but it shows you the extent people will do today to get some degree of visibility for their websites or the products/services they are trying to sellon the web.

Recently a site appeared on the net called Vinefire. Basically, the idea is simple. Once every 60 seonds you can post a short text add for free. How news of the site spread so quickly through the Internet beats me but it caught on big time.

But this is where the story gets interesting. And shows how gullible many of us are. As a second step for 5 dollars you could have an additional option - earn up to $100/daily. Shortly afterwards for $20 dollars a week you could add a little symbol to your text add to make it stand out more.

And then - for $200 you could become a sponsor, meaning your text add would be sticky at the top of the page for the amout of time you bought.

Now the story becomes even more interesting - you could earn high returns for clickpping on other adverts, voting them up or down etc. The $5 initial supplementary fee allowed you to increase your earning to $100/day. How many people looking for free traffic on the Net fell for it. Thousands!

And what about payout dates - that's the interesting part - there is none. The story they sell you is that if you keep earning with them and bringing traffic, they are negotiating to sell the company and then you get all your dollars! Yeah, I bet!

Now do a search on the Net for vinefire scam and read the results - those boasting of the thousand they had made and was waiting for them have gone very - very - silent.

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