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Saturday, 23 May 2009

OH Dear! I am being punished

You aren't going to believe this - I didn't either - but it's true. I have this site on a number of traffic exchanges - just the first page to see if any newbies were interested in learning a little more about getting traffic to their site. And know what?

One of the sites actually has stopped rotating my site for no apparent reason. I do not feel this blog on traffic exchanges is threatening any business - but obviously others think differently. Actually not a very clever move when you think about it. If I was writing absolute crap then why should they care - or are some of the things I am saying actually true and the owners of some exchanges do not want it known?.

At this stage I will not name and shame but readers it makes me all the more motivated to tell the truth and the whole truth about Traffic Exchanges and those owners so anxious to get us more traffic - or more money in their pockets!


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