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Friday, 8 May 2009

The issue of tabbed browsing when surfing exchanges

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In my previous post I provided you with a list of five traffic exchanges I found worth joining since they had a high membership and offered a good ratio of credits to sites surfed.

Now the experienced surfer of traffic exchanges - if not buying credits - will surf for several hours daily to build up credits to have his/her site visible. Since each exchange has a timer which forces you to stay on the page for a certain number of seconds - between 6 and 15 depending on the exchange, it makes good sense not to just sit and wait. With browsers such as Opera and Mozilla you can browse several sites at once using tabbed browsing. In the case of Mozilla simple go to "File" on the toolbar and click on "New Tab". The image below shows you what an example of tabbed browsing using the Mozilla/Firefox browser

Usually I open about six tabs and browse the exchanges one after another as the timer has run out by the time I get round to number 1 exchange again. While this is an efficient means of browsing Traffic Exchanges it does have one major disadvantage which is a bit self-defeating. You actually are not looking at the sites you are surfing - you are merely intent upon getting as many credits as possible. And that alone is one of the major drawbacks of the whole traffic exchange system - over 90% of the surfers are not even interested in looking at your site. All they want is credits.

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Iago de Otto said...

Thus the importance of grabbing a fellow TEer's opted-in email stats via an attention-arresting squeeze page. The idea being, don't promo your bizop in the TEs, do that later via an autoresponder once you've snared that viewer into your list. That said, I promo my blogsites on TEs too.


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