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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Blogging and making money on the Internet

The average traffic exchange surfer - and here I do not intend to be cynical or rude - easily becomes addicted to being the top surfer, to getting the prize for this, that or the other and often actually loses sight of why he or she is surfing so much in the first place. By this I mean if you are surfing 12 exchanges - i.e. six today and the other six tomorrow, this I can tell you takes up a great deal of precious time - time which perhaps could be spent more properly and indeed more profitably. If like my grandmother here you are a little disillusioned with the whole traffic exchange business and it has not brought you either traffic or revenue, think of opening a blog. Why? It costs nothing more than your creativity and your persistence and if you have been seriously surfing TE's for months then you have qualified on the persistence issue. Creativity - simply ask yourself what interests you passionately? What do you know that would interest others? What would you enjoy writing about? And when you can answer these, then you can start earning money with your blog (I'll show you how).

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dannybuntu said...

So why did you join blog explosion then?