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Monday, 15 June 2009

Traffic exchanges - the jury is still out!

Taking a look at the response from google when I type in traffic exchanges, I feel confused. For example, the query "traffic exchanges explained" has as number one ranking a particular traffic exchange. Strange but true. Then comes "traffic exchanges secrets" - which I read but did not discover the secrets at all. My basic view is that surfers busily spending hours surfing away to get credits could be using their time more effectively. No, you will argue, at least google will be impressed by the number of hits I am getting to my webpages. WRONG! Very, very wrong and I would even put forward the hypothesis that on the contrary google is anything but impressed! WHY? you may well ask.

Here let me add that I have spent a considerable time over the past four years in looking at how it indexes (my) pages and what counts and what does not count. But in a nutshell I would put forward the following simple statement and await your response. My statement is that today in 2009 we greatly underestimate the sophistication of google technology. May I give you a simple example and perhaps you can transpose what I say to the world of traffic exchanges? I use the example of Adsense. For those of you who do not know about Adsense it is a feature set up by google to advertise their sites on yours. You get paid on a clickthrough basis. The amount you earn depending on the price of the keywords which the advertiser has bid. [Again an explanation in a nutshell and Adsense has become a science in itself].

Google had major difficulties with this baby as it incurred a lot of clickthru fraud. By this I mean call your Aunt, cousin, whatever in Australia and ask them to click on your google ads. It worked for a while but google soon got clever. Very clever, it monitors and remembers every action of yours on the Net.

And this starts with monitoring the IP adresses from which you are getting your traffic. Hence I apply the example to traffic exchanges. You might think the traffic you get is impressing google. It isn't simply because on a Traffic Exchange your traffic is coming from a single IP. Google knows this and ignores it when ranking your site.


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(How google does it by IP addresses.)
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