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Monday, 22 June 2009

The most popular traffic exchanges - do they make cash for you?

In a word my answer would be no. Simply ask yourself why you are surfing these exchanges for hours - that's if you are not spending money to buy credits. Some of the statistics from the top traffic exchanges I find amazing. There are surfers who will spend 12 -14 hours a day surfing traffic exchanges to gain credits - does this convert into dollars and cents? For the life of me I cannot see how. Actually if you look at the prizes TE's are giving away to top surfers, they tell their own stories. These are prizes of $5 - $10 dollars for being one of the top surfers on a particular day. This is not a way to make money if you work out what the hourly profit one makes for 12 /14 hours surfing.


Elizabeth Barrette said...

What I seek from a traffic exchange is not direct cash but rather ... traffic. Exposure. New people. After a while, I find that some folks who surf by will stick around and become regular readers.

Also, I surf by multitasking. It doesn't eat up nearly as much time to open the traffic surfing page, leave it up, and just click occasionally between other activities. Sometimes I find cool stuff that way.

Kamal Todary said...

i use traffic exchange for getting students to my business and it works amazing for me and i make thousands from traffic through traffic exchange