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Friday, 26 June 2009

A happy blogger here - pleased as punch with my work on traffic exchanges

Not as pleased with myself as I am with you. One of my postings got 17 comments - so I am over the moon and I want to answer some of the questions and comment on your ideas. On my posting on the bad news about traffic exchanges
made the following comment:

If you use traffic exchange sites to find new blogs, leave comments on those blogs, yes, you might find new readers. you have to network.
search engine optimization? how does one do that? can you give some info?

I think to start with on the topic of SEO it would be a good diea if I were to focus on the question on search engine optimization and how one does that and why it is important for your site. Basically you have to make a major mind jump and know that a search engine sees your site very differently than we humans do. Ask yourself what is the most important thing I want from my website. The answer will always be VISITORS. They are the lifeblood of your site. What is the point of having information on your pages when no one visits them, simply because they cannot find your site.

If you start a new site you have just joined the other 101 million websites - estimated at Febaury 2009. So how are visitors going to find your site. Easiest answer - through search engines. Google is a monster with very specific tastes - if it likes how you handle your site it will praise you by giving you a higher visibility - If google finds you are being naughty - this I will come back to later - it gets very angry and will punish you by giving you a lower ranking. Basically the search engines are the front door to the web. Nice position to be in.

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THANKS SO MUCH!!! This really helped a lot!!!