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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The other reason I would like to own a successful traffic exchange

All traffic exchanges operate with optin registration. This means basically you have signed up not only to add your site and surf on a traffic exchange, you have also signed up to receiving emails from the owners of these exchanges. This is why I recommended in an initial posting in this blog that you open a separate email account because if you join 10 or 12 TE's you will be swamped with emails on a daily basis.

Bear in mind that the owner of a traffic exchange has one main interest in mind. You get you to surf his/her exchange and to buy credits. So one of the first things you will be inundated with are an abundance of free offers. Such offers are usually time limited to encourage purchase of credits or some other activity. One of many examples - found particularly in my experience at weekends is buy double credits for at half price. As youc can imagine if such an email goes out to all 54 000 members of a traffic exchange it will have fair conversion rates.

But the second less appetizing thing - and I have nothing against special offers - is that you will constantly receive emails selling you clickbank products on secrets of traffic exchanges, etc.

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