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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sorry - some comments I just received

Traffic Exchanges, most ineffective advertising on the internet?

"I have tested/used traffic exchanges for over 4 years and have read suggestions, made researches etc. I have made following serious conclusions.


*Average Sign up ration: 1500 hits for 1 sign up - think about how much time you need to earn these hits. (Sometimes one user visits your site 20 times a day, exchange like

*Suggested Splash pages aren't better, this isn't a miracle, like they all say.

*People are surfing several exchanges at the same time(8+). Most of these people aren't looking your site at all.

*Targeting options that they use are worthless.

*No unique real visitors. Someone who is surfing very hard can earn these credits from your site without any problems, they are just fanatic surfers(no customers), think about it.

*Traffic exchanges are too many, most of these people who use them don't see the different between "real effective" advertising and traffic exchange hits.

* Autosurf exchanges(clickevolution etc), are more fun than manual traffic exchanges, because you don't need to click(no time needed) and they bring you more visitors(traffic) and sign ups.

*Too much money schemes surfing an exchange, also too much misleading text, like FREE etc but it isn't. This misleads the traffic exchange audience.


*if you make a simple traffic exchange, its a way to promote. Traffic exchanges are only for traffic exchanges.

There may be more...

Thank you, and please feel free post your comments etc."

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